May 4

Topic: Text Analysis in History and the Digital Humanities



Blevins, Cameron. "Space, Nation and the triumph of Region:  A View of the World from Houston." in Journal of American History.  101(1):  122-147.  June 2014.  Available on-line at:

Sinclair, Stéfan, and Geoffrey Rockwell, "Teaching Computer-Assisted Text Analysis:  Approaches to Learning New Methodologies," in Digital Humanities Pedagogy:  Practices, Principles and Politics.  Cambridge, UK:  Open Book Publishers, 2012:  241-263.  Available on-line at:    Also available in [Course Pack]

Underwood, Ted, "Seven Ways Humanists are Using Computers to Understand Text," at The Stone and the Shell.  [Online blog].  June 4, 2015.  Available on-line at:

Underwood, Ted.  "Theorizing Research Practices We Forgot to Theorize Twenty Years Ago," in Representations  127 (Summer 2014): 64-72.  Available on-line at:

"Data Mining with Criminal Intent Project," Project White Paper.  Available on-line at:



Instructor: John Dingle and Karen Bordonaro 

Morning (9-12)


Hands-on Session: Zotero

Seminar: Discussion of Readings


Lunch (12-2)

Presentation by John Bonnett and Discussion   Topic:  The Department's Digitization Initiative:  Thoughts on what that will mean, and where it should take us


Afternoon (2-5)

  Hands-on Session: Voyant


Course Pack Readings [In Resources Folder]


John Dingle and Karen Bordonaro Workshop Slides:  Computer-Aided Text Analysis


Workshop Zotero Handout


Workshop Voyant Handout